Sunday, June 22, 2008

I just wanted to show off some of my creations from Ceramics this spring! I am very proud of them (so don't you dare make fun!)and I really had a great time let my artistic yearnings run wild! My roommate, Rachel, is a student in the Art department and she has granted me permission to use the title of Artist. So here goes- I'm an artist! :) At least I think so. The first photos I have put up here is of my fruit sculpture,my very first project. It is an amalgamation of a pear, a raspberry, and a sour sop (a crazy fruit I had in Australia). I think it's probably my favorite piece. Next I was assigned to make a box. However, I wasn't satisfied with just any old functional box. No- I made an artist's rendering (with myself being the artist) of Herod's Temple. I think that my former Temples
professor would be quite proud of
me. Then I made this hideous carrot that was originally going to be part of the fruit sculpture, but was abandoned because it got too hard to shape correctly. I tried to salvage it by adding leaves, curly Qs,and some peas and pea pods. However, after all that, it was still pretty hideous and so I opted to use it as a glaze testing piece. I used nearly every color of glaze we had on it and then, quite frankly, forgot about it until the very end of the term. Nevertheless, it was fired and I actually love it! It's formal title is "Carrot Taco As Olympic Torch"- yeah, it's my more modern-type piece! I'm contemplating giving it to some very lucky individual for a white elephant Christmas present, although, I'm kind of getting attached to the thing if you can believe it! Next are some of the bowls and cups and stuff I made on the wheel. The glazing turned out AWESOME if I do say so myself. Lastly and, unfortunately, leastly -if that's how you say it- is my bust. Frankly, it turned out to be a bust, pun intended. It is scary. It is supposed to be "Self as Cleopatra" in anticipation of my Egypt visit. It is awful. I'm just glad that the face is supposed to be me and not someone else, because I wouldn't have wanted to make someone else cry or something. It is pretty amazing, I suppose, just not too anatomically accurate and just a little frightening. But, there it is and I am still pretty satisfied with all of my work. Great class! Lots of fun! And now I am an artist!

Friday, June 20, 2008

And the countdown begins...although I guess I have been counting down for months, but now I have officially less than 3 days until my departure for Israel. I think that it hasn't actually hit me yet. Sure, every couple of days I stop dead in my tracks and my heart races for a second and I just beam and say to myself "I can't believe it!" But I have just finished my finals, which took all of my concentration, and then I started the crazy task of painting my room (it's yellow, very nice), and now I am packing and moving things here and there from one room to the next and storing stuff in boxes and cupboards for while I am gone and now that I finally have a moment to think for myself I realize that- whoa!- I'M LEAVING FOR ISRAEL IN LESS THAN 3 DAYS! Crazy... but I am so excited! Afraid? Never; I hardly know the meaning of the word! Besides, adventure is one of my middle names. That's right. Lindsey Ruth Adventure O'Neill-Price, and rightly so. Oh- and here's a photo just for the sake of aesthetics. It's me after winning 3rd place in the grown-up Pinewood Derby about a year ago. I also won the prize for Most Creative Car; my car was shaped like a bee named "The Bumblebee Bullet". It was one of the proudest moments of my life, actually, considering I beat out most of those other boys fair and square. Ya know, a lot of them used their old cars that you know their dads made for them and here comes this chunky yellow car from an unexperienced girl no less and I smoke 'em! Woo hoo!! So, I guess I'm saying that my emotions now somewhat compare to my emotions then. At any rate, enjoy the photo :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Rather than continue studying for my religion final tomorrow morning, I am going to listen to Frank Sinatra and tell you about my new-found proficiency in golf. This term I was enrolled in the beginning golf class here at BYU and it was awesome! True, I shot a consistent par times 2 or so, but on my last round of 9 I actually shot several that were bogies! Yes- that's only one over par! Grandpa, you should be very proud. In fact here I am with my very own women's lefty clubs (not the easiest things to come by) custom made for me by my very own amazing Grandpa Mike. Anyway, so I'm a beginner, right? Well I was playing my first round at Cascade in Orem and they said that only the Mountain Course would be open that afternoon. No problem- or so I thought. Me and a couple of girls from my class checked out our golf carts and asked someone who looked like a very experiences golfer where the Mountain 9 started. He laughed and said, "You're playing the mountain?! Hope you brought a lot of balls- that course eats you alive!" He couldn't have been more right. So we rode our carts straight up a mountain, seriously, and I thought I would die before the first hole (where I lost 3 or 4 balls by the way, only managing to get onto the green when I hit a big rock on a nearby mountainside and it bounced in the opposite direction- incredible!). So these 9 holes took 3 hours, which isn't so bad considering that for some of them we were literally hitting straight uphill for like 3 miles. But, seriously, it was a beautiful day and I have had so much fun golfing. I even got my roomie Staci to go with me once and I don't think she was even to embarrassed to be seen with me- what a triumph! So thanks for the clubs, Gramps, and I hope to keep playing- anyone else wanna come?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I have been studying for the LSAT as of late, that is, I sit on my bed being bored to tears as I watch my $800 home study courses on my laptop and then I get most of the questions wrong in my practice tests throughout the week. A true joy. Last semester I took an entire class on testing theory and I really am not so sure how I feel about this whole standardized testing thing. Especially since there is an unjustifiable discrepancy in scores between males and females as well as whites and minorities. Not to mention the fact that these tests are not all that valid- they are not measuring what they are supposed to. Take the GRE for example, how are one's skills in vocab going to help one to be compassionate as they are in my PsyD program to become a clinical psychologist and they are working with clients? And when I took my SAT in a stuffy room surrounded by sweating teenagers, how is this measuring how well I would be able to squeeze out a dry biology paper in my dorm room as I tried to not pay attention to the screaming girls listening to Phantom of the Opera as loud as they could play it on all sides of me. However, I do hear that the LSAT is actually about as accurate as these tests come in predicting success in law school. With all good faith, let's hope that it will not accurately predict my failure!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

So, if you're going to know anything about me, you ought to know that I play rugby up at BYU on the womens club team (please see !) and I thought that the word might like to be comforted in knowing that it's not actually such a dangerous sport after all. I mean, seriously, I have never gotten a concussion -that I can remember- and I have never broken any bones. No problem, right? Of course, I have sustained a very few minor injuries that I will outline below:
  • A heinous black eye, believe it or not, just from practice! It came from sprinting into, most unfortunately, someone else's head. We both went flying and hit the ground way hard.
  • Torn ligaments all across the top of my right foot
  • One cracked rib (doesn't count as broken, right?)
  • Various cuts especially on my fingers
  • Lots of bruises that follow cleat patterns all across my legs
  • And the coolest one would have to be when the curvature was my cervical spine was reversed. Yeah, that one was pretty painful with months of chiropractic therapy. But I'll have you know that I never stopped playing because of this one. (If you look at the photo, the #2 is pointing to a line that is supposed to be perfectly horizontal and the 3-6 vertebrae are supposed to be following that big curved line in front of them.)

Ya know, seriously, that's not so bad at all. I play a pretty high contact position, so don't be too afraid to send your little girls off to play rugby- I turned out alright :) I guess I am the official new owner of a blog! These online mysteries have always been fascinating to me and I was first exposed to them in high school looking up political arguments and ramblings of the masses as I searched for the latest and greatest to discuss in JSA (Junior Statesmen of America, I was the President- yeah...nerdy) and now, nearly 4 years later, here I am with one of my very own!
I guess the point of this is to document my experiences, particularly as I embark on an adventure to the Middle East this summer as a student at the BYU Jerusalem Center for Near-Eastern Studies. I want not only to show what I find in this political hot spot of the world, but also to keep my Grandma up on things so she knows I'm okay (love you, Grandma!). I hope to discover new things about our world as well as about my own place in it. This will be an unforgettable experience.
Now, I have heard of our dear blogging American friend, Ms. Novak, who has made quite a name for herself in Yemen as of late. I respect her and admire her for trying to expose corruption and make the lives of those she has never even met a little better. Yet I, for one, am not intending to have foreign governments threatening me, nor do I wish to write about what I have neither seen nor studied. So here I go- a great task awaits and I will try to give an accurate glimpse of modern Jerusalem and beyond (not to mention show how much fun I am having!).