Friday, June 20, 2008

And the countdown begins...although I guess I have been counting down for months, but now I have officially less than 3 days until my departure for Israel. I think that it hasn't actually hit me yet. Sure, every couple of days I stop dead in my tracks and my heart races for a second and I just beam and say to myself "I can't believe it!" But I have just finished my finals, which took all of my concentration, and then I started the crazy task of painting my room (it's yellow, very nice), and now I am packing and moving things here and there from one room to the next and storing stuff in boxes and cupboards for while I am gone and now that I finally have a moment to think for myself I realize that- whoa!- I'M LEAVING FOR ISRAEL IN LESS THAN 3 DAYS! Crazy... but I am so excited! Afraid? Never; I hardly know the meaning of the word! Besides, adventure is one of my middle names. That's right. Lindsey Ruth Adventure O'Neill-Price, and rightly so. Oh- and here's a photo just for the sake of aesthetics. It's me after winning 3rd place in the grown-up Pinewood Derby about a year ago. I also won the prize for Most Creative Car; my car was shaped like a bee named "The Bumblebee Bullet". It was one of the proudest moments of my life, actually, considering I beat out most of those other boys fair and square. Ya know, a lot of them used their old cars that you know their dads made for them and here comes this chunky yellow car from an unexperienced girl no less and I smoke 'em! Woo hoo!! So, I guess I'm saying that my emotions now somewhat compare to my emotions then. At any rate, enjoy the photo :)

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mamakelli said...

hi sweetie-- grandma and I are trying to learn how to leave comments. Hope your trip was uneventful. Love you!!!:) mom