Sunday, June 15, 2008

I have been studying for the LSAT as of late, that is, I sit on my bed being bored to tears as I watch my $800 home study courses on my laptop and then I get most of the questions wrong in my practice tests throughout the week. A true joy. Last semester I took an entire class on testing theory and I really am not so sure how I feel about this whole standardized testing thing. Especially since there is an unjustifiable discrepancy in scores between males and females as well as whites and minorities. Not to mention the fact that these tests are not all that valid- they are not measuring what they are supposed to. Take the GRE for example, how are one's skills in vocab going to help one to be compassionate as they are in my PsyD program to become a clinical psychologist and they are working with clients? And when I took my SAT in a stuffy room surrounded by sweating teenagers, how is this measuring how well I would be able to squeeze out a dry biology paper in my dorm room as I tried to not pay attention to the screaming girls listening to Phantom of the Opera as loud as they could play it on all sides of me. However, I do hear that the LSAT is actually about as accurate as these tests come in predicting success in law school. With all good faith, let's hope that it will not accurately predict my failure!

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