Sunday, June 22, 2008

I just wanted to show off some of my creations from Ceramics this spring! I am very proud of them (so don't you dare make fun!)and I really had a great time let my artistic yearnings run wild! My roommate, Rachel, is a student in the Art department and she has granted me permission to use the title of Artist. So here goes- I'm an artist! :) At least I think so. The first photos I have put up here is of my fruit sculpture,my very first project. It is an amalgamation of a pear, a raspberry, and a sour sop (a crazy fruit I had in Australia). I think it's probably my favorite piece. Next I was assigned to make a box. However, I wasn't satisfied with just any old functional box. No- I made an artist's rendering (with myself being the artist) of Herod's Temple. I think that my former Temples
professor would be quite proud of
me. Then I made this hideous carrot that was originally going to be part of the fruit sculpture, but was abandoned because it got too hard to shape correctly. I tried to salvage it by adding leaves, curly Qs,and some peas and pea pods. However, after all that, it was still pretty hideous and so I opted to use it as a glaze testing piece. I used nearly every color of glaze we had on it and then, quite frankly, forgot about it until the very end of the term. Nevertheless, it was fired and I actually love it! It's formal title is "Carrot Taco As Olympic Torch"- yeah, it's my more modern-type piece! I'm contemplating giving it to some very lucky individual for a white elephant Christmas present, although, I'm kind of getting attached to the thing if you can believe it! Next are some of the bowls and cups and stuff I made on the wheel. The glazing turned out AWESOME if I do say so myself. Lastly and, unfortunately, leastly -if that's how you say it- is my bust. Frankly, it turned out to be a bust, pun intended. It is scary. It is supposed to be "Self as Cleopatra" in anticipation of my Egypt visit. It is awful. I'm just glad that the face is supposed to be me and not someone else, because I wouldn't have wanted to make someone else cry or something. It is pretty amazing, I suppose, just not too anatomically accurate and just a little frightening. But, there it is and I am still pretty satisfied with all of my work. Great class! Lots of fun! And now I am an artist!


gma said...

This is the greatest -
your pottery is wonderful, I could sell it at the farmers market.
Your mom and I worked on getting ourselves set up to write you, we just hung up. She is planning how to display your Cleo and Temple box. I love the carrot too, you are just amazingly creative. Must be because you are left handed.
Love you gma

Rachel J said...

dude our busts are so inspiring we should bring them back to Utah. JKJKJK.