Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Rather than continue studying for my religion final tomorrow morning, I am going to listen to Frank Sinatra and tell you about my new-found proficiency in golf. This term I was enrolled in the beginning golf class here at BYU and it was awesome! True, I shot a consistent par times 2 or so, but on my last round of 9 I actually shot several that were bogies! Yes- that's only one over par! Grandpa, you should be very proud. In fact here I am with my very own women's lefty clubs (not the easiest things to come by) custom made for me by my very own amazing Grandpa Mike. Anyway, so I'm a beginner, right? Well I was playing my first round at Cascade in Orem and they said that only the Mountain Course would be open that afternoon. No problem- or so I thought. Me and a couple of girls from my class checked out our golf carts and asked someone who looked like a very experiences golfer where the Mountain 9 started. He laughed and said, "You're playing the mountain?! Hope you brought a lot of balls- that course eats you alive!" He couldn't have been more right. So we rode our carts straight up a mountain, seriously, and I thought I would die before the first hole (where I lost 3 or 4 balls by the way, only managing to get onto the green when I hit a big rock on a nearby mountainside and it bounced in the opposite direction- incredible!). So these 9 holes took 3 hours, which isn't so bad considering that for some of them we were literally hitting straight uphill for like 3 miles. But, seriously, it was a beautiful day and I have had so much fun golfing. I even got my roomie Staci to go with me once and I don't think she was even to embarrassed to be seen with me- what a triumph! So thanks for the clubs, Gramps, and I hope to keep playing- anyone else wanna come?

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