Saturday, June 7, 2008

So, if you're going to know anything about me, you ought to know that I play rugby up at BYU on the womens club team (please see !) and I thought that the word might like to be comforted in knowing that it's not actually such a dangerous sport after all. I mean, seriously, I have never gotten a concussion -that I can remember- and I have never broken any bones. No problem, right? Of course, I have sustained a very few minor injuries that I will outline below:
  • A heinous black eye, believe it or not, just from practice! It came from sprinting into, most unfortunately, someone else's head. We both went flying and hit the ground way hard.
  • Torn ligaments all across the top of my right foot
  • One cracked rib (doesn't count as broken, right?)
  • Various cuts especially on my fingers
  • Lots of bruises that follow cleat patterns all across my legs
  • And the coolest one would have to be when the curvature was my cervical spine was reversed. Yeah, that one was pretty painful with months of chiropractic therapy. But I'll have you know that I never stopped playing because of this one. (If you look at the photo, the #2 is pointing to a line that is supposed to be perfectly horizontal and the 3-6 vertebrae are supposed to be following that big curved line in front of them.)

Ya know, seriously, that's not so bad at all. I play a pretty high contact position, so don't be too afraid to send your little girls off to play rugby- I turned out alright :)

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Rachel J said...

I took that photo!