Saturday, June 7, 2008 I guess I am the official new owner of a blog! These online mysteries have always been fascinating to me and I was first exposed to them in high school looking up political arguments and ramblings of the masses as I searched for the latest and greatest to discuss in JSA (Junior Statesmen of America, I was the President- yeah...nerdy) and now, nearly 4 years later, here I am with one of my very own!
I guess the point of this is to document my experiences, particularly as I embark on an adventure to the Middle East this summer as a student at the BYU Jerusalem Center for Near-Eastern Studies. I want not only to show what I find in this political hot spot of the world, but also to keep my Grandma up on things so she knows I'm okay (love you, Grandma!). I hope to discover new things about our world as well as about my own place in it. This will be an unforgettable experience.
Now, I have heard of our dear blogging American friend, Ms. Novak, who has made quite a name for herself in Yemen as of late. I respect her and admire her for trying to expose corruption and make the lives of those she has never even met a little better. Yet I, for one, am not intending to have foreign governments threatening me, nor do I wish to write about what I have neither seen nor studied. So here I go- a great task awaits and I will try to give an accurate glimpse of modern Jerusalem and beyond (not to mention show how much fun I am having!).

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