Sunday, October 5, 2008

Falafel 7/3/08

On a somewhat more lighthearted note- falafel. I lookedup the roots of this word and all I can find is that it is traced back to an Arabic word for pepper. I am sure that there must be a huge flaw in this entymology as it must have come from a phrase or term meaning something more like food of the gods. Yes, it's that good. So you take a delicious pita and put fried balls of a seasoned chickpea concoction, fill the rest of the pita with french fries (dead serious) and some cut up cucumbers and tomatoes plus a great tzatziki type sauce and voila- an amazing lunch for only 7 shekels. Note the
photo wherein I am about to enjoy one, if you are having trouble visualizing it.
blog post photo
{It appears to be sideways, I apologize.} This just adds another facet to the question of when these people have something so great among them (the history of Jerusalem, the spirit of the area, falafel...) how could they ever not get along? In fact, as I have heard it, yesterday an armed man in his thirties rammed a tractor of sorts into busses and cars full of people. Three terrorist groups have since taken responsibility. Three? There is clearly some confusion here. So either they are forming some bizarre terrorist alliance (which doesn't really happen, they each have their own leaders and particular radical tenents) or someone is lying. There is a serious lack of unity here. The Old City of Jerusalem itself is strictly divided into Muslim, Jewish, Christian, and Armenian quaters and now we see that even the terrorist groups are not all with it. Could the answer be falafel? I wish it were that simple.

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Krystle said...

I hear there is an amazing falafel place/stand in San Jose, close to Valley Fair Mall, towards downtown, not like that means anything to you, but next time you are there for whatever reason you should go there. It's one of those really popular hole in the walls, but I've only been once, and got scared to try the falafels.