Friday, October 3, 2008


No, I didn't die in the Near East- I wasn't kidnapped, nor did I get too close to a suicide bomber (although there were several terrorist acts while I was there). The real enemy keeping me from blogging for so long was Hebrew! Yes, it's true! My Hebrew was not good enough to understand phrases like "Create New Post", "Publish", "Sign In" and so forth. Unfortunately, since I do not have a gmail account, I could not sign in through gmail, making things in English- I instead had to go straight through the world wide web of Israel which, oddly enough, is in Hebrew. But, never fear, I was undeterred and created a blog on the site of the newspaper from my neck of the woods, that's right, our very own Orange County Register. I will now proceed over the next few days to re-post what I wrote while in Jerusalem and thereabouts and I will try to include the original date it was posted. Then I'll probably stick up a few more photos since uploading pictures at the Jerusalem Center was excruciatingly slow. However, I will have to start on this grand posting session a little later since in T minus 16 hours I will be on my way to take the LSAT! Ahh!! My brain convulses at the thought of it all! Although, honestly, it will be great when it's over since it will be really nice to have my life back! Wish me luck!

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