Monday, October 27, 2008

Motorcycle Ride!

    WHOA!  I just went on my 1st motorcycle ride ever and it was AWESOME!  Yeah, at 21.5 years old I had never been on a real bike!  Knowing this, my good buddy Dave totally came over tonight and took me on a joy ride around P-town (Thanks!  Note our fierce faces in the photo, hahaha!).  I was seriously so scared, but I got over it and stopped screaming every time we accelerated after the first couple of minutes :) It was so great, you feel like you are going SO FAST!  Don't worry, I wore a helmet.  And I also wore my sweet Karbon jacket from Rae and Sandie, not just because it's awesome, but also because they are avid Harley riders and I thought they might appreciate it!  So I think that after my first year of being a lawyer (yeah, a while from now) that I will save up money and buy a hot scooter!  Who needs a BMW?  The US will probably be nearly out of gasoline by then anyway, so I am definitely planning on a Vespa in my near future.  Happy riding!


Betsy said...

That was a first at college or me too... And I was on a bullet bike and also scared to death. Scotty has a motorcycle and I LOVE when we ride it. A scooter sounds like a great plan!

Linds said...

Thanks, Bets! I didn't know Scott had a motorcycle- cool! Hope you guys have a good week!