Monday, November 10, 2008

I love documentaries

You are probably saying, “Oh boy, here she goes again about Palestine” …and you’re kinda right. On a more scholarly note, yesterday I had the priviledge to attend an event with the Middle Eastern/Arabic Studies group here on campus and we watched a documentary on Palestinians in East Jerusalem- right where the JC is located- called "Jerusalem the East Side Story". I was so excited because this was literally a presentation on my old neighbors! I was glad to see the Seeley kids (everyone in that family has an IQ of 30+ points above average and I adore them) as well as Rachel Zackrison (to whom I will give a shout-out since she is so sweet and awesome—and not just because she looks like me) who were a part of my Jeru Crew and we got to see the film together.
It was so great just to see living images of the Holy Land again and I loved every minute of it. Of course, there was an obvious slant to the film and the creator, who answered questions afterwards, caused a few eyebrows to raise, but I still really appreciated his work and I think that he said a few really poignant things. I loved when he said “Don’t be an advocate for Palestine or Israel, be an advocate for peace and justice.” I couldn’t agree more. This is applicable regardless of your political ideology or sentiments. There are real people on either side of any conflict that have unalienable rights and often need help in receiving justice. I also loved when he (even though he was an inactive Muslim) talked about Jesus being the first human rights activist! I had never thought of that before, but I agree here too. Christ turned the tables of the money changers when they were cheating the humble Jews trying to worship at the Temple. He ate with sinners and publicans when others reviled them. He suffered that all mankind might have eternal justice and mercy. Now there is someone to emulate in our modern world.
Seeing this film got me all riled up about international and human rights law and I am just getting more and more pumped about law school everyday! There is so much that an American citizen with sufficient means and education can do in crisis situations around the world. While in Israel, Meg asked me on the bus one time what one of my huge, likely unachievable, life dreams was. Although I had never given it much thought, I found myself saying, “To save a 3rd world country in distress” and I actually believed it. My optimistic bubble will probably be popped the second I step out of academia and into the real world, but for now it is a great dream. I think that Americans need to wake up and realize the influence they can have. I encourage families to take service vacations, going to areas devastated by flood and earthquake to help re-build homes. This will get your kids out of their little world and show them just how much they have, as well as teach them to value of service and the universality of humanity. I love the LDS church’s idea of fast offerings: I don’t eat breakfast and lunch today and give the money I would have spent on food to you. In other words, we are suffering with our fellow neighbors and personally seeing to it that they are a meal closer to making it through. I commend all those who put in the invites of their birthday cards “no gifts please, but you are welcome to make a donation to (international organization or charity here).” Our current global problems are huge, but so is the globe, so is the 1st world population. May we contribute in whatever way we can.

Totally irrelevant, but Provo is SO beautiful right now and I took these photos from my living room window last week.


Rachel Z said...

Well thank you for the shout out Ms. Lindsey!

It was a good film and I've certainly grown more sympathetic to the Palestinian cause over the last few months. It's time for me to really figure out what I believe are people's basic human rights and what constitutes a violation of those rights. And what can/should be done in such a situation.

I admire your passion! Don't lose the fire.

Ariel said...

nice update and pretty photo!