Friday, November 21, 2008

Rivalry, shmivalry

This week I finally decided that I like BYU. I was walking around at lunch time and I finally appreciated all of the funny things going on and the quirkiness that is just so BYU. I have been given all the opportunities here to pursue my dreams and to learn from a very unique and enlightening perspective and I am grateful to be a student here. That being said, there are a few irreparable things that are a twinge annoying. I will here only discuss one very tiny example.

So apparently it’s rivalry week here at BYU, as evidenced by the statues covered in Saran Wrap all over campus. Apparently Saran Wrap causes deviant Utes to melt or something. Honestly, I don’t really get the whole rivalry thing anymore. When I was a freshman (ya know, back when I actually went to a football game or two) I totally bought into the whole hatred towards the University of Utah and accepted the fact that they must be an inferior breed of students. Honestly, I now have better things to waste my brain cells on (or at least what few I have left after that one rugby injury…). Frankly, if I lived in Utah, I wanted cheap tuition, and I wasn’t Mormon, I would be a Ute myself--big deal. At any rate, every single one of my professors have brought up the rivalry game that is apparently coming up on Saturday- what a waste. No one cared when I played Stanford or Berkeley or UCLA or even New Mexico, which I would call our rival team. I guess I’m just jealous. But seriously, here is your typical football game day plan:

-Wear ugly blue stuff all day
-Walk to the stadium and get there like 2 hours early to get a hot dog at the Cougar United tailgate party for losers with bad grades and no lives
-Wait in the most uncomfortable seats ever for 2 hours until game time
-Wait for 4 more hours in the most uncomfortable seats ever while we get our trashed kicked and it gets really cold outside, possibly snowing, surprise! It’s Utah!
-The paint on your face smudges all over your ugly blue clothes and now you really look like a moron
-Meanwhile, the team can’t keep the ball for more than 5 yards at a time, and that is letting them get a breather every 2 minutes because the game keeps stopping again and again, and did I mention they are wearing pads? (football is for fat woosies)
-Listen to that ridiculous cougar noise coming out of the scoreboard every 5 minutes and lose your voice from shouting things that none of the players could possibly hear, let alone do
-Walk home in shame, having wasted the last 7+ hours

Oh, yeah. Go Cougars.

At least I thought this graphic in the Daily Universe was kinda funny. Especially because Dreyer’s actually does make a BYU flavor around here. I wonder if that is just a Utah original considering this state is the per capita ice cream consumption champion (we’ve gotta replace alcohol with something), or if that is common in college towns across the country. Hmmm. Maybe I’ll find out when I blow this popsicle stand and head off to law school far, far away.


Ariel said...

i tagged you on my blog. have fun in Nauvoo!

sweetheart bitterheart said...

hey lindzzzz. i love your blog because i feel like it's legit. you pick something you've been thinking about and get it off your mind in the form of a blog novel. lovez it. maybe i'll convert to your blog ways someday.

Krystle said...

1. I loathe the U.

2. You typically don't walk away from a BYU home game in shame...its been forever since they've lost at home.

3. The Dreyers ice cream does the ice cream competition i believe between the two schools, and i heard no one else does it.

4. Happy Thanksgiving!

Betsy said...

HEhe!! Sorry, I am just catching up on your blog- loved the Nauvoo post. I want to go BAD! And, it was a big deal in old Cedar City too- my ward had a big tail gate party and watched the game on a big projector... needless to say, we went just for teh food :)