Sunday, November 30, 2008

Why Terrorism is Ridiculous

Well, I honestly can't expect myself to do justice to this topic on a little blog post on one fine Sunday afternoon as I sit on the floor and think about what to make for dinner. But I will say just a few words to try to get the tip of my iceberg of feelings on this issue out there.

After seeing terrorist acts committed by enraged Palestinians as I lived in Jerusalem, I was able to see the reaction of the communities involved. For one, some of the more Orthodox Jewish rabbis would demand the blood of the family members of the terrorists. This will obviously only make things worse, more blood on both sides and a perpetuation of hate.

For another thing, this just teaches the Israeli kids that Palestinians are all bad people that want to hurt them, a false generalization that will also perpetuate conflict and misunderstanding. And then the Palestinian kids see those few Orthodox rabbis speaking out against their countrymen and they develop a hatred towards the Jews in general, again, continuing the cycle of hatred.
Now, let's look at Sept 11. These terrorist attacks led to a war and many deaths on all sides, it led to a worsened stereotype of all Arabs worldwide as being untrustworthy terrorists who just want to blow you up, another HUGE fallacy that has led to hate crimes towards and misunderstanding of both Arabs and Muslims.

So who is benefiting from terrorism? I would say absolutely nobody. It is just making life worse for everyone, Muslim, Jew, American, Palestinian...everybody.

Now about the attacks at Mumbai, my heart truly hurt when I read this devastating news from my laptop at our Illinois hotel this week. I was so saddened at a repeat of this illogical mechanism meant to achieve power through terror. It is so disgustingly selfish of an act and it is not even effective! What a tragedy. My heart goes out to all involved. I looked through some photos of the events, compliments of Yahoo! and I was refreshed to see some people who feel like I do, that is, that terrorism is preventing peace and making Islam look evil, which it is most certainly not. I hope for understanding to prevail.

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erin sheely said...

I agree that terrorism is ridiculous. I know you don't know me, but I just published a book about when I was at the Jerusalem Center in Fall 2000 and am trying to get the word out. Our website is and the book is called A View of Jerusalem.