Friday, January 2, 2009

by the way

By the way, you have likely heard about the Israel/Palestine skirmish that is blowing up into an all-out war, right? Although I want to try to limit my words, I do want to say that it has been weighing heavily upon my mind.

When I first heard the news, I read all that I could find on it and it just broke my heart. You may not understand, but this is a place I once called my home. These are a people that I think of as my brethren, I am of the house of Israel- and I believe that to be literal- so here are my people suffering and here is my home which has become a war zone. The very same government that permitted me to study in Israel seems to now be initiating what looks a lot like genocide.

I just want them to stop, to take a step back, to find common ground and realize what they are all doing to each other. But Palestine has little international recognition and little governmental organization and little ability to mobilize. The people there have been pushed and have been labeled and now they are being destroyed. The common Palestinian has never launched a rocket into Israel. The common Palestinian is not a Hamas leader that craves power. The common Palestinian has, however, seen a massive military attack on their small space of land. I know that Hamas is corrupt, I know that both Israel and Palestine have been stubborn and have violated what international pressure has been pushing in order to establish peace. However, it appears to me that the problem is in the organization of the Palestinian government. They do not have real authority, just corruption. There are continual rockets and bombs thrown over the wall into Israel not because it is some military attack, but because the government cannot control the fundamentalists and angry militant youth that make their own bombs and throw them in their anger at the Israelis building a wall that cuts into their territory and then not regularly letting them past border control for work or worship. There are a minority of Palestinians that have just had enough of being pushed around like 2nd class citizens and since the government does not have an effective way of diplomacy, the only way these young, angry people know how to react is with their homemade bombs.

Obviously this is dumb and ineffective and Israel has now gotten sick of it and , unlike Palestine, Israel has the monetary support of the US and has every citizen automatically enrolled into the military as teenagers and so they have the ability to launch a major offensive attack in response to these stupid bottle rockets. It's all so sad, so frustrating. I have seriously cried thinking about it several times. I am most saddened when I read about the civilian deaths. I think of the Palestinians that I got to meet and wonder where they are and if they are alright. I have put in a photo of a Palestinian boy that I met and I cried when I read a news clip from a man talking about how his son had been running an errand for him when the first Israeli missiles were fired and never came back. I do not know if this is the same boy that I know, but it doesn't matter- someone knows him and loves him and misses him. Not just this boy who never returned, but all of the casualties. They all have families that mourn for them and I get emotional just thinking about all of the cumulated anguish being experienced right now in my former home.


tom said...

What is going on over there right now is just so sad. Thanks for your perspective.


Hayley said...

I wish it could all be solved as simply as Musallam implied when he had us write our one page essays on the final.