Thursday, January 29, 2009

where the red man can get ahead, man

All benediction jokes aside, today was a depressing day for me. I am usually relatively aloof to the economy in fear that my bliss will be burst by fact. Unfortunately, today I finally owned up to it. Most of my classes this semester are with graduating seniors, like myself, and there has been this recent solemn attitude in all of our class discussions and today we finally had out with it- we are afraid. Not afraid to graduate and take on the world, no, that's exactly what we want to do. We are all afraid because one by one as we have been looking for entry-level jobs in the fields over which we have been slaving for years to meet its expectations, our classmates keep getting the same responses, "sorry, we are currently in a hiring freeze", "no, we are not hiring at this time, nor do we plan to in the near future", "actually, we are trying to make cuts right now and can't hire on anyone new, you know, the economy...", and so forth. In one class discussion today, we all saw the despair in one another's faces and I imagined us all at graduation in a few short months scared out of our minds with nowhere to go. How can we change the world/make money/buy a home/actually use our degree/begin cutting governmental red tape/cure cancer/save the trees/pursue our dreams or whatever we wish to do without income? Most of us have already been living for the past 4+ years barely making ends meet and even going into debt and now what? The future us bleak for my fellow class of 09ers. I seriously almost cried in class. And here I go, about to incur probably several hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt in the next 3 of years of school and then what- will there be jobs then? I sure hope so. Perhaps I am dramatizing the situation a bit, but to my classmates this is a very real stressor. If I could make a request, I would say that if you have got a spare moment, hug a college senior. Maybe even buy them lunch if you can. Believe me, we are distraught.

PS- hats off (pun intended) to the Deseret News for the photo.


Ariel said...

woe is grad of 2009

Betsy said...

I work for teh police - and maybe not in your expertise (sorry), but lawyers are ALWAYS needed! :) Great insight- I love reading yoru blog!