Monday, February 23, 2009

Good Things

Well, I had a great rugby tour this weekend, but last night on the way home we were all incredibly stiff, sore, and bruised while cramped in a 15 passenger van for about 13 hours which was, shall we say, hellish. Then I got back to an Inbox full of depressing Times reports, undone assignments, and I was exhausted. So today in class, to help me keep from falling asleep, I wrote a list of things I have recently decided I appreciated or that I think are great. Here they are:

-fruit leather
-reusable grocery bags
-LDS hymns as literature
-free WiFi
-slippers and fuzzy socks
-public drinking fountains, especially the clean ones
-very high quality cheese
-farmer's markets
-deadline extensions
-Sunflower Market
-digital cameras
-my family

Well, now I feel better. Thanks.

1 comment:

Krystle said...

i love fruit leather