Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Facebook's Global Usage, ie, Egypt

You may not be aware, but for the last several months I have been following the political and social climate in Egypt via online news sources as I research for a nonprofit that I would LOVE to create. One thing that I found again and again was the huge influence that Facebook has as a medium for the youth of Egypt. In the US, we use this social networking site primarily to share photos, invite people to parties, and keep in touch with high school and college friends post-graduation. However, in Egypt, youth are using this site for the purpose of political mobilizations. As Egypt is Westernizing, with greater availability of the Internet and the spread of Western websites, they are using these means to try to enact change in their local spheres. I think it is awesome that these youth have such energy and creativity as they try to work for peace and positive change. The problem is, they are encountering some major trouble as they are doing so. For example, earlier this month a young man was arresting in the middle of the night for creating a group on Facebook called “April 6 Youth” that rallied up a huge group of young people who were ready to take action in order to reform Egypt. Similar events have happened as political groups, feelings, and activities have emerged by way of the site.


  1. The young people in Egypt clearly see the shortfalls of their fathers and are ready to enact positive change, which I think is both necessary and great
  2. The Internet is hugely promoting globalization and the young people of the world are leading the way in this movement towards greater global unity
  3. Egypt NEEDS my nonprofit!

Egypt’s Youth of Tomorrow

My brilliant fellow nonprofit students Kami & Lisa & I have this brilliant master plan. The thing is, I really think it could be feasible and we have a surprising amount of decent contacts here and there whom could help us pave the way towards social change and success. So the basic plan is that we have a Youth Center where local citizens can come and teach a couple of skills to junior high and high school students in workshops, for example, entrepreneurship, specific business skills, what you need to do to apply to college, and some other classes like sports, arts, and fun stuff to do with their fellow youth. The rest of the time after school that they are at our center, they will have the opportunity to create groups that will work together to plan community service projects. The incentive? They earn points every time they participate in and/or plan a service activity and after a certain amount of points, they will earn a college scholarship from our program. So we are empowering the youth with knowledge of what they can do in the world, we are teaching them skills including managing planning meetings and carrying out events, they are getting the chance to improve their communities which Egypt could really use, and they will be given the means to further their education! So great.

I love nonprofits.

The End.


Rachel J said...

I love non prophets too. Because their commercials are sometimes super hilarious.

MAM said...

Linney Lou: You are amazing! I cannot attend your graduation due to going to VA to meet new grandson and play with John Patrick...but I will sure be sending a shout out your way! You GO Girl! Love, Aunt Margaret