Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Division I Elite 8- Women's Rugby

Alright, I just have to brag a minute. So I play collegiate rugby. No, wait, I am actually now a retired collegiate rugby player...still getting used to that. So after all my years of play and an incredible season this year, our team (BYU) made it into the Elite 8 of Division I- such a huge honor and achievement! If only BYU football could be so lucky...don't get your hopes up- that will probs NEVER happen. Those fat woosies with full-body pads...don't get me started. At any rate, we had a couple of games this weekend to finish out the season in Florida and it was great. We fought hard and I tackled up a storm for my last game. You can actually watch our final game on USARugby.org- I'm famous! So I just wanted to let you all know. Thanks for everyone who has supported me and my team over the years. We are still trying to pay for those Florida plane tickets, so if you can, will you please make a modest donation at WomensCougarRugby.com which will go directly to the team being able to pay off the credit card debt we have incurred from our travels. (There should be a little thing to click on the left that says "Donate To The Club".) We need your assistance today. Thanks!

Enjoy the game!! I'm white #1, by the way, and I have short hair now, so look for some little blond ponytails. Hopefully this link works, otherwise go to USARugby.org, click on the Media Center on the left of the page and you should be able to find the 2 halves of our game, labeled Brigham Young VS Penn State. USA Rugby Media Center.

Oh, and the photo is of me when a Penn State girl attempted to stiff-arm and side step me, but I instead grabbed her arm and pulled her to the ground! So there! :)

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Linds said...

By the way, we ended up placing fourth in Division 1 for the United States! SO AWESOME! I am honored to have been a part of it all.