Monday, April 13, 2009

Security & Prosperity

Thought this was interesting. It came from the Security Update section of the Jerusalem Center and it was posted when I was living there. It has been sitting on my desktop, lost among the syllabi, photos, research, and assignments, but now I have rediscovered it and will finally throw it out there.

July 22, 2008

There was another incident today in West Jerusalem in which a Palestinian used a bulldozer to attach Israelis along a major street in that part of the city. The attack tool place on King David Street, a major street in the western (Jewish) part of the city that runs past the King David Hotel (the best known hotel in the city). The attack, along the lines of one that occurred two weeks ago, wounded 16 (1 person seriously; the others had only slight injuries). The attacker was killed by a policeman. The students have been in Jordan and were not out and about in the city when the attack occurred. Upon their return, the security situation will be reevaluated with regard to restrictions, if any, on travel within Jerusalem...

I wrote about this while there, very early on. I believe it was the first of the two bulldozer attacks that several terrorist groups took responsibility for immediately, even though it was just some angry guy that did it. My point was that it was funny how even the extremists don't know what's going on among themselves and they can't get it together enough to figure out which of their constituents are doing what.

At any rate, there were a slew of these "incidents" as our security personnel called them while I was living in Jerusalem. And surprisingly, none of them really affected us- the city was accustomed to them, and pretty soon, so were we.

Everyday I am grateful for the freedoms and the privileges that I have, however, I want to make a not that the US does not actually corner the market on happiness. People can adapt to a great many things. When I first moved to Australia, it was suddenly apparent to me that, yes, these people have freedoms, they vote, they have probably less governmental corruption than us, they have local civic leaders who care about their needs, they have a surplus of means, they have safety, security, and happiness. For some reason, this was a slight shock to me. I remember being indoctrinated as I wrote this paper in 5th grade about how America is the only country with so many freedoms, blah blah brainwashing blah.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is try not to adopt the imperialistic attitude that we are the best and that we must convert everyone to our superior western ways. Respect culture.

With that said, more will be coming about our moral responsibility to contribute to foreign philanthropy...stay tuned...

(These are Aussie photos- see, they have school, jobs, and joy, too!)

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