Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Remember the Taliban?

Big problems. The Pakistani government, in an effort to protect its people has told many of its citizens to evacuate in order to avoid an imminent battle between the Pakistan army and Taliban fighters. With their people’s security as the government’s priority, peace accords were signed in February between the Taliban and the Pakistani government that basically, in part, ceded the Taliban some land in exchange for a ceasefire. Seems all well and good, except now there is no longer a ceasefire, as the area of Mingora has been recently taken by force by Taliban members, and the land given to the Taliban is now being used as a base to launch their offensive against Pakistan. Mistake number one: giving ANYTHING to the Taliban. Seems overstated, but the “we will NOT negotiate with terrorists” stance is, in my opinion, probably the safest. I hate to blame them, though, because if I saw a glimmer of peace through some talks and agreements, then I would be tempted to give it a shot, in the hope that lives would be saved and that people would come through for you and not go back on their word. I like to have faith in people. Unfortunately, we are talking about the Taliban here…not exactly the most charitable and trustworthy members of the human race. So, sadly, these peace accords have horribly backfired on Pakistan. But better luck negotiating with terrorists next time.
Photo of Pakistanis evacuating. Yeah, not enough room actually inside the bus apparently. Courtesy of New York Times.


Lisa said...

you are so smart. but, i guess you didn't get an i'm not sure anymore :)

Linds said...

By the way a French news source documented the Pakistani Presdient as saying, "We have not and will not negotiate with extremists Taliban and terrorists," he said, adding that authorities had entered into talks only with traditional local clerics to help restore peace in the region.

"The clerics with whom we have engaged are not Taliban. Indeed, in our dialogue we'd made it clear that it is their responsibility to rein in and neutralise Taliban and other insurgents," he said.

Yeah, right. So I'm hearing something like:"we didn't actually negotiate with terrorists, we just told people who know them to give them something from us and to be nice to us in exchange..." Nice try.

Rachel J said...

Dude Linds, I am down to do commisions, and I am pretty cheap--depending on what it is. Right now my commision is a QSL card for Dad's Ham Liscense. I don't know exactly what it even is.