Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Welcome back to the fresh air, Roxana

Really interesting story. I remember hearing an obscure tale of an Iranian-American journalist imprisoned in Tehran, Iran, for espionage. Seemed ridiculous at the time and as the facts are surfacing, looks even more ridiculous now. There are actually several journalists imprisoned in Tehran at the moment on similar charges and I am sure they all have similar stories. These arrests and detainments appear to be purely politically motivated and, in a word, corrupt.

Yesterday it was announced that Roxana Saberi was released from prison in Tehran. Of note is the fact that she has dual citizenship in the US and Iran and her father is an Iranian native. She has lived there for about 6 years, working as a freelance journalist for BBC and other news agencies while living with her family. If I had family in the Middle East as well as citizenship in a Middle Eastern country, you bet I would be over there in a minute to be able to get first-hand information to share with the global news network. Not to mention she has cultural and linguistic experience in the area and she is trained in journalism. Of course she is going to be there! It is all very logical and yet the Iranian government leapt to the ridiculous conclusion that she must be a spy for the United States and locked her up in jail with an eight year sentence after a hearing that, according to Saberi’s father, was a mockery and lasted only a couple of minutes.

Thank goodness for people like her who are willing to leave home (although, arguably, Iran is like home to her, making the case for her being an enemy to the state even less likely) in order to seek out global truth so that others can know what is going on and be able to intervene in unjust cases like this. Good thing someone is there to find this out and the word can get to those in authority to help set things right. I admire international journalists and I plead with them to deliver truth, not to further agendas under the guise of truth.
Honestly, can't we just tell the truth? Politicians, teachers, reporters, writers, parents? That would make things a lot easier.

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MAM said...

I recently reported on "3 Cups of Tea" for my book group here in SG, and did a lot of extra reading and learning about Pakistan. I agree with you that it is a tragic situation there!
Your tribute to Kelli was written so well. I'm glad you're in my sphere of influence, because you inspire me to do more thinking!
I am launching my blog..slowly..but so I have a reporting voice while serving on my mission next Fall, providing all goes well with the myriad of medical, dental, etc. checkups this week. It is Daily Rejoicing.blogspot.com.

Looking forward to seeing all of you at the Sunday, July 12 sacrament meeting at your ward. Love, Aunt Margaret