Wednesday, June 17, 2009


So while Iranians are risking it all to protest for their rights, on the other side of the globe we have Angelinos (a term I just learned which apparently refers to people from LA- fun, huh?) who are also assmeblying en masse in the streets of Los Angeles. However, they are not rallying peacefully, oh no, they are starting fires in the street, throwing fireworks in front of cars, looting the stores of their very own neighbors, and more. And why are they doing this? Not because their rights are in jeopardy, but because their team won the NBA Championships. No, you read it right- they WON. How they connected victory with permission to destroy the property of their fellow Angelinos is beyond me. Frankly, I think it is ridiculous and that they are making a mockery of our freedom to peaceably assemble. It is a sorry excuse to steal from your neighbors and I wish that they had been punished by not having any disputed Lakers parade at all.


Linds said...

"So while Iranians are..." is actually how this post is supposed to begin in case you are having trouble reading that phrase in Japanese style. Sorry about that.

Rachel J said...

yeah, we have the same problem with the Oakland Raiders fans.