Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Beach...IN DELAWARE!!

(whoa-there's foliage!)

So, I have lived in Southern California my entire life (until that college thing) and so the beach was always there. However, until yesterday, I had NEVER been to the beach on the East Coast. So here are a couple photos of my Atlantic Ocean journey!

So I think the place we were at was called Indian River Beach in Rehoboth, DE, or something like that. I'm still learning about this boardwalk phenomenon, as opposed to the pier. There was definitely not any good surfable waves here, unless you want your brain smashed. Basically huge swells came out of nowhere and come crashing about a yard from shore and then about 10 ft into the water and beyond there are virtually no waves at all. Strange. But thrilling! The big challeng was to just get into the water.(period) Think The Wedge in Orange County or Makena Beach in Hawaii.

Some nice features:
-the actual stretch of sand between land and water is minimal- no toting coolers for a mile before getting to the water
-there are actually some plants
-the lifeguards where blue, it's nice to mix it up I guess

Less nice features:
-thunderstorms that come out of nowhere
-obviously the brain-smashing waves
-very thickly grained sand, more ouchy, although brushes off things better

A heart-warming success!

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Grandma Collene! said...

Yippee! Great to get some photos from back east (as they say). Love your house, reminds me of the Ashby - Snow Duplex. Neat that you got to visit the other ocean, did you see a horseshoe crab?