Sunday, August 23, 2009

Carlisle, Pennsylvania- my new home!

So here I am in sweet old Carlisle and I wanted to share a bit of what it is like!

This is my actual law building- one of the top five (I believe) oldest law schools in the country...therefore, it needs a little renovation. We'll be back in here for classes next semester!

This is my new house! It is located in the Downtown Carlisle Historic District and I live upstairs

This is around the corner from my house- it made me laugh ;D

Interesting factoids:
-Carlisle is about 15 miles from Harrisburg, the state capital (and considered for the US capital at one point)
-It's about 40 minutes from Gettysburg
-Almost 2 hours directly north of DC
-Home to the 2nd oldest military barracks in the US (and apparently where my Grandpa Bill was once stationed)
-Where Molly Pitcher is buried
-Visited my George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, and other cool dudes back in the day


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Rachel Z said...

Oh my goodness I am so jealous of your house!! That is such an adorable place to live. What a great find.

Good luck with everything as school begins!! I'm sure you'll do great.