Sunday, September 27, 2009

Iran is NOT the 51st United State, so lay off

I don't really get it.

I love the UN- I would love to work for them someday.  Part of the UN is obviously the UN Security Council.  Okay, great.  Nuclear nonproliferation is an issue that they deal with as a part of their work.  Good; the world needs security.  I am all for that.

Then there's Obama.  I like the guy, actually quite a bit, but how did he suddenly become the head of the UN Security Council?  And simultaneously the go-to man at the G20 summit (in my state of PA!!!) regarding "nuclear reforms" which is Obama-G20 code for "Hurry!  Stop Iran!"  I guess I'm just confused as to who died and made the Obama Administration the world champions of nuclear regulation?!?

I laughed when it was "news" earlier this week that Iran admitted to having nuclear facilities.  That's not news; maybe old news.  I mean, come on.  We know this has been coming for a long time.  Iran is a highly populated and rapidly industrializing country that is hated by the world superpower (us) and we are all shocked that they now want nuclear weapons, too.  What's the big deal?  They claim that they are doing everything within the bounds set forth by international laws and treaties, but that's not good enough for us.  And we can't just let the UN go in neutrally and make sure that everything is up to par.  Oh, no.  The Obama Administration says to the world, "Don't worry, guys- we'll take care of this" as if it was even their business in the first place.  I'm afraid that regarding this issue, our administration is more than a trifle biased and will not be the best at making a fair assessment of Iran's nuclear facilities.

Now I realize that this isn't just any potential treaty violation.  What we are talking about here can literally mushroom cloud into virtually the end of human life if left unchecked.  But honestly, I don't think that Iran wants to end the world.  I think we are getting a little too uptight.  If Iran, the years from now that it would actually take them to become fully operational, actual was stupid enough to launch some nuclear missile, it is obvious that someone, probably anyone, would strike back.  The Cold War mentality -that I can't make a move without you making a move, either of which will mean utter destruction of both you and I- is not completely erased from our global conscious.  I really don't think we have to worry about nuclear holocaust.  No one is ridiculous enough to go there at this point.  And what right do we, the United States of America- just a bunch of little states on the North American continent that rebelled from England only some 250 years ago- have to stop another country far far away from feeling secure in this world, from feeling like they have the equal footing with other industrialized countries, from feeling like they are a part of that Cold War equation that no one will want to strike against them for fear of them having the ability to strike back.

I think that we would be outraged if the Queen of England suddenly took it upon herself to rummage through our Top Secret defense files.  What gives us the right to do virtually the same thing to Iran?

I say let the UN do its job and let the US worry about its own problems before trying to take away the rights of another country.


Donna said...

You go girl! The UNand the US is need of someone like you!

Rachel J said...

Lol! Its not breaking copyright, it really isn't! Otherwise there'd be no one copying paintings in museums!

elyssa said...

ah, i love you...

ps, you get those tracks i sent?