Wednesday, November 25, 2009

No, You're Secretary Clinton- President Clinton Was Someone Else

  Warning: this may appear to the faint-hearted as a Conservative rant.  It's NOT.  That's not really what I do.  It is actually just an anti-Hillary rant.  She is one of the most frightening human beings on the planet and it doesn't matter what her political views are or what her background is- she's just a plain scary individual, and someone had the bright idea to put her in power.  Unfortunately, she now thinks she's the President of the United States...most unfortunately...considering she's nuts.  She was literally in my textbook for the Psychology of Personality, as an example of personality gone awry.

Exhibit A:

Haha.  Sorry, that was uncalled for.  But I just couldn't resist.

In all seriousness, here she is as Secretary of State, pretending like she was actually elected to that position and likewise pretending that her position is much more lofty than that of the Secretary of State.  Yes, its still a very important position, but let's not pretend like it wasn't just a throw-back from Obama as a part of their bargaining so that he could become the President.

As a lovely example of her arrogance, here is a great quote:
                     "When I came into the administration {meaning, when I lost the support of my party and came crying back to the winner and was only accepted to get feminist support for the administration, not to mention I would have probably murdered whoever else would have been chosen if it wasn't me, and no one wanted that to happen} I was one of the few people who had a long-term positive relationship with President Karzai {meaning I was one of the few that had been in the same room as him before; forget the fact that Bush used to have regular video conferences with Pres. Karzai}."

Oh, but it goes on.  Since she has such a "positive relationship" with the President of Iran she showed up unannounced to his inauguration (ie, party crasher who couldn't take the hint of not being invited and LOVES traveling in the name of America, not just on the tax payer's dollar, but also to make herself look more like the President).  But this wasn't the jolly best buddy congrats-on-rigging-the-votes-can-you-teach-me-how kind of visit (although that conversation probably occurred too).  No, according to a senior US official (as reported by the NYT), she "bluntly warned Mr. Karzai to crack down"- yikes.  Some bff; some positive relationship.  Congrats on winning, I'm here to crash your party and threaten you since I believe that I basically have the whole US at my disposal, so fear me.

Gosh, she's bothersome.

Here's another good one.  She literally has her back to the President and has situated herself at the very top corner of the table, so its almost as if she's at the head of the table.

Typical Hillary.

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