Thursday, December 10, 2009

Superfluous Cakes

   On a rare personal note, I am in the heat of my first round of law school finals.  And although it would be much more typical of me to discuss the juxtaposition of President Obama receiving the Nobel Peace Prize in the same month that he announced sending thousands of more troops to the Middle East (his speech announcing that was actually very moving and I was watching it in the gym, practically crying on the treadmill- always a safety hazard).  But, no.  The topic at hand is cakes.  After my mini trip to New York and the discovery of the Crumbs Bake Shop, coupled with an engaged girl at school talking incessantly about how her wedding cake is having a different flavor of cake on every layer, cakes have been on the mind.  It is my little unproductive way of forgetting about final exams for a moment.  So if you came here today to read some interesting philosophical treatise on human rights, keep looking; I apologize.  But if you are the mood for some mind mush, then do read on.

   After a delightful Google Images search, I came up with some real gems:

   For those Mario Bros. lovers out there, I though this Mario-themed cake was super clever!  You've got little Toadies, Question-Mark boxes, Princess Peach and her castle, and of course, Mario himself.  Very creative and a bit whimsical.

   As for this next one, every boy that I have shown this to has had virtually the same reaction, "Whoa!  That's amazing!"  Yes, here it is, every little boy's dream- the Hostess Cake:

Complete with all of our schoolyard favorites.  You could trade this cake for like a million tater tots at your local Elementary School.  Oddly, it actually has a pleasing amount of visual interest, and is not nearly as tacky as I would have expected.

And just when you thought that was crazy, get this- the Sushi Wedding Cake (complete with rubber duckies?!?...I have no idea...)

 I'm just hoping that there's not actually a cake underneath all of that raw fish.  And I love the strewn leaves and edamame, ya know, just for some more color...or something.

And finally, a cake that I actually seriously like.  I think its both pretty and sweet.  Not to mention the thought of eating all that fondant makes me start to drool, mmmmmm...

Cute little nest on top, huh? :)

Well, friends, I'm afraid that will have to do for now.  Back to the grind stone.  May your day be full of sweetness and creativity.

PS, for some real fun, try the Google search of "20 Ugliest Wedding Cakes" and see what you can find!

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