Friday, May 28, 2010

"I was wrong"- Mr. O


This is unusual.  A VERY unusual way for a President to handle things.  President Obama has proven to be one of the most gifted orators that the White House has ever seen, and once again he stunned the masses by publicly stating "I was wrong" followed by "In case you're wondering who's responsible, I was responsible."

(gasp!) Shocking!

A very honest and bold approach to the bp gas spill.  I think, however, that it was really the only viable approach given that experts had been stating all along that they projected the spill to be the worst in US history and 10 times worse than what the government was reporting.  And it turned out that the expert were right- doh!  I appreciate the President's humility, but what other choice did he really have- the federal government screwed up BIG TIME.

However, I cannot blame the President for the spiralling of this disaster, one man can only do so much through the red tape we call the Federal Government.  To me, this appears to be yet another HUGE mess that FEMA couldn't bring itself to work on in time.  What does FEMA actually DO?!  Their whole purpose is to work through environmental emergencies, which don't really happen every day, but when they do happen, their leaders just end up doing nothing and resigning.  Seems like they sit around twiddling their thumbs and looking outside their office windows, watching for disasters but hoping they will never come because then they will have to stop their thumb twidling...or will they?

Sadly, it looks like this spill will have not only a horrible environmental impact, but it has also placed a moratorium on offshore drilling- our one hope (besides leaglizing marijuana, hahaha- joke) for freeing ourselves from slavitude to rich Saudi princes and from one big, fat national debt.  And I'm pretty sure the second consequence is worse.

NY Times Article

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