Friday, August 20, 2010

US "News"

So, I like how this is news in the US: "Palestine and Israel to resume direct talks, which is a victory for the Obama Administration."


Okay, so I remember Obama giving a great speech in Cairo about promoting peace in the Middle East a little over a year ago back when some people still liked him.  At the time, I liked the speech but did and still do doubt his personal ability to make two nations that have been pitted against each other for millennia best buddies.  Of course I want it to happen- Israel and Palestine are two of my favorite places in the entire world and they are currently ruining each other- and although the goal is noble, it is a little bit self-righteous to think that its just the sheer goodness of Team Obama + Hillary that will end the hatred sewn for generations.

So now that these two countries are resuming talks about building peace (not actually a big deal, they have been on and off again with this for a looooong time without making much, if any, progress) it is suddenly something that Team O+H considers a "victory" for themselves.  Although I'm sure that Hillary in all her lovely menacingness has been putting pressure on the leaders of these countries to work things out, if she has actually had any real influence on this decisions it is just because their chiefs of staff are tired of taking her nasty messages down and caved.  (I would agree to do a lot more than just "talk" to get her off my back too!)

So the moral of the story is, don't be fooled by the media- the Middle East is not the puppet of the current Administration, in some ways, it is actually quite the opposite that is true. 


Lisa said...

sure miss you. i think people who don't know anything about the conflict (most!) think that THIS time is going to be THE time. of course because obama is there to make sure everything turns out great. and of course, hillary. oh how i love her.

Katy Marie said...

Hear hear!

Grandma Collene! said...

Right on