Friday, September 10, 2010


Chalk another one up for the self-righteous American Protestant making a fool out of himself.

You call yourself a Christian?!  Sponsoring a Hitler-esque burning of the sacred text of a peaceful, global religion?  Whatever happened to "what would Jesus do" or "do unto others."  I'm pretty sure that Christianity is about loving your neighbor, and not about committing hate crimes.

I have great sympathy for Muslims with the widespread misperceptions and general mistrust that we often see associated with their religion.  Not only because of the time I spent in the Near East, figuring out how devoted and peaceable most Muslims are, but also because I find myself in similar peril.  Extremists ruin it for the rest of us.  Unfortunately, people that go off the deep end in the name of a good cause, can lead to the destruction of the image of that good cause.  Like Muslims, Mormons are also labelled according to the illegal acts of extremists.  The Mormon church WILL excommunicate any member of the church who practices polygamy.  End of story.  It's been this way since the 1800s.  However, some extremists with neither authority nor permission litter the front pages with scenes of backwards polygamous colonies out in the middle of nowhere, and thus people feel that all Mormons are nutty polygamist outlaws.


And of course, when we hear about extreme Jihadists committing terrorist attacks we assume that all Muslims are gonna take any chance they can get to kill some infidels.

Wrong again.

And if you are so naive as to think that is true, and honestly believe that all Muslims are evil, then at least you could be the bigger person by not trying to combat evil with evil.  It is not promoting peace by saying, "Hey, you wanna blow up buildings? Well fine, I'll insult you, your faith, and your ancestor's faith- boo ya!"  No.  That's taking you nowhere.

So next time you go on a crusade in the name of God, 1) Get your facts straight; and 2) Think about if what you are doing is HONESTLY promoting what you are pretending it does.  Because I'm pretty sure that burning the Quran isn't exactly the best way to make any Muslim like you any more.  Duh.

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