Monday, November 8, 2010

Pizza: think twice before your second slice

It's been a while, folks, but I'm here.

So, pizza... the great American dorm food.  Confession: although I have never actually liked pizza much, I have started this bizarre ritual of watching Biggest Loser on Tuesday nights while eating pizza and doing exercises on my yoga ball.  And I think that this may have to stop.  The pizza part only, that is- don't you dare take my Biggest Loser from me! ;)

So here's an interesting graphic (click on it to see the whole thing!!) from a recent New York Times article about pizza:
Keep in mind that this is thin crust and topping free.  Eww...saturated fat...

So the article discusses how even though the federal government is expressing repeated concerns about our egregious obesity stats, they don't seem to mind so much when economics is involved.  That is, a federal agency advised Domino's recently to add even more low-quality, high-fat cheese to its pizzas in order to boost sales.

Ok, I get that sometimes you just give people what they want: supply and demand.  This is the favored argument among violent tv supporters "We aren't out there to make kids bring guns to school, we just make violent shows because that's what sells and we're not responsible for its consequences."  I'm not convinced.

Particularly when this nation is trying (and failing) to take a better approach to health care and to tackle some of the issues that are draining our economy, such as the lost work days and medical expenses associated with heart disease, diabetes, and other obesity-related issues, this advice to Domino's seems counter-intuitive.  It's putting a BandAid on the economic problem for one company while perpetuating the problem of over-consumption (both stuff and calories) that has put this nation in the position that it is in now.

I would advise Domino's to start using locally-grown produce and meats at their individual restaurants for the toppings on pizza like peppers, onions, sausage, and so forth and then advertise THAT fact instead of advertising "Now More Cheese."  This would boost local economy, cut down on fuel used in shipping in produce and meats from farther away, show the public that this company is socially conscious and thereby boost their image and sales, and maybe even get a few more people to order the veggie pizza instead of the meatlovers (still not exactly a healthy dinner, but better than it could have been with even more gross cheese).

It's time to look at the bigger picture, instead of just focusing on our individual paycheck being bigger at the expense of everyone else's gut getting bigger.


elyssa said...

i promise i get the message here (and totally, totally agree), but i have to confess...

this made me SOOOO hungry for pizza. it's hard to find pizza here. and yes, that is SAD.

also, you are cool. update this more, please ; )

Kelli said...

I saw that article about the feds helping companies use more cheese. What a country. How many napkins will be required to sop up the dripping grease from a Costco pizza now???