Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dont Judge Me: The Royal Wedding!

Confession: I LOVED IT!  And yes, this counts as world news- they are now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, for goodness sake!  My observations:

1) The Archbishop of Canterbury- awesome!  Not only does he have incredible eyebrows (!) but I actually really enjoyed his mini sermon during the ceremony.  Nothing wishy-washy there.  I admire England for being true to their roots by keeping Anglicanism an integral part of the monarchy.  It is interesting that they have made no concessions regarding their faith, even in modern times when the going trend is to separate church and state as far as they can go.  And although religion has a tendency to muddle politics when done to an extreme (think Taliban-run Islamist societies), I find it amazing that England has been able to strike this balance by having a completely secular Parliament, while allowing the monarchy (which, admittedly, doesnt actually do THAT much politically) to operate based on its religious ideology in a way that does not oppress the non-religious in any way.

2) Prince Harry...true to his name, apparently did not find it necessary to comb his hair for the big day...

3) Prince William- I admit, I had a HUGE crush on him growing up!  But that in no way inhibited my ability to enjoy the wedding anyway :)  No jealousies least none that I can't deal with.  One British news commentator characterized Prince William as an "incredible hunk in uniform"- haha, loved that!  The commentator went on to talk about how William having Diana's good looks was "a boon to the royal line" which I think was her polite way of saying that since Prince Charles is so ugly, England is thrilled that William turned out alright.

4) On the balcony of Buckingham Palace, it occurred to me that the young couple could have used some "scooping the peach" instruction to allow for more graceful waving.  But they did kiss a record number of twice, so I guess I'll cut them a break.

5) And of course, the DRESS!  Loved it.  It was perfect.  Perfect for the occasion and the venue.  I talked to some strangers in a store about it afterwards and one commented that she heard (she hadnt actually seen it) that the dress was boring.  By boring, she probably meant not sexy enough.  But I told her that was WRONG!  That if you are getting married in the Westminster Abbey, or any church for that matter, you ought to be dressed appropriately and not look like a floozy.  Here is what one blogger said about it:
"While almost every bride in America beelines to the strapless numbers during her Kleinfeld appointment, Kate’s dress was quintessentially royal, with long lace sleeves and a modern, narrow v-neckline. The fullness of the bottom perfectly flattered her tiny frame (could we be more jealous?), and the train was appropriate for the venue without overpowering the entire look."

I agree 100%.  It was appropriate, regal, dramatic, and SO not frumpy.  Many people have been commenting on the monarchy's recently demonstrated ability to maintain their dignified and classy ways, while becoming tastefully more modern.  I think this dress is an example.  It had sleeves, but not puffy sleeves.  It didnt show cleavage, but it had a dramatic neckline.  It think it was gorgeous and truly fit for a Queen (or Duchess).

Another impressive thing about this couple, showcasing their modern-mindedness, was their request for charitable donations in lieu of wedding gifts.  Here is a couple with high-powered, deep-pocketed connections, and they selflessly led them to various nonprofit organizations in a time of universal financial need.  Yet again, LOVE it!

Overall, I was very impressed.  Classy and traditional without being over-the-top or wasteful.  When I saw the royal procession, I even teared up.  I think I'm a Loyalist at heart :)

And hooray for another way to give fascinators more publicity in the US!  I feel in love with these in Australia, and they NEED to catch on out here!!

PS- how much do you LOVE the Queen!  Adoreable!

And watch out Alyce's Bridal in Provo- dresses like this will surely be ALL OVER the place in no time!


Kelli said...

It was a beautiful event and you covered the high points to perfection! Did you hear that the Queen's brooch is the Welsh knot of love. She is so neat. Here's to sleeves coming back into style:)

Grandma Collene! said...

Great write up on the Wedding. Yes, I was in front of the TV at 3 a.m. thanks to a cough that woke me at just the right time. Loved the trees in the cathedral. I'm so happy that the British have managed to hang on to such traditions and thank them for filling the world with beauty for a day.

Betsy said...

I loved this post as I was also totally engulfed in everything "royal wedding." :) Thanks for your fun writing!