Friday, April 15, 2011

Oh, Barry...

 I don't think that sports counts as news.  But I've been in court a lot lately, so just in case that wasn't enough judicial fun, I decided to read up on Barry Bonds' trial.

And hey, I've actually seen the guy outside of a baseball game (it was at Disneyland), so he's pretty much like a buddy of mine that I feel compelled to keep tabs on :)

My boy Barry was charged with 4 separate counts, only one of which the jury was able to reach a decision on, which was that he IS guilty of obstruction of justice.  Somehow, the jury was unable to even decide whether or not Barry knowingly used steroids in his career.

For me, the evidence is clear. 

1) He has a big fat head and a tiny little girly voice...therefore, he uses (or at least used) steroids.

2) Barry denies that he knew that the shots his trainer injected him with were steroids.  So he is honestly saying that a grown man who's entire career relies on his physical health didn't stop and figure out what he was being shot up with?  He just let that little fact slide for years?!  If someone was trying to stick needles in most people, they would want to know why, what, etc.  Especially if one's body has earned them millions and has the potential to earn them millions more if they treat it right.  But no, of course not, Barry just closed his eyes and didn't care what was being shot into his veins while meanwhile his muscles get huge, his head gets fat, and his voice reverts to pre-puberty levels.  Yeah, he had no idea.

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