Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Hero! :(

I remember a VERY long time ago at a friend's birthday party in elementary school thinking about my heroes.  We had been watching the high-quality film "Spice World" featuring the Spice Girls- admittedly my favorite singing group at the time- and my friend's mom commented to my mom about how it was nice to have such good role models for us girls...meaning the Spice Girls were good role models!  This launched my mom into a lecture our whole drive home about how most famous people, the Spice Girls included, are NOT to be idealized and made into heroes, and that they usually have really immoral personal lives, etc.

I distinctly remember feeling like I had no heroes.  This whole situation made me realize that there really wasn't anyone famous that I actually wanted to be like (so my mom was actually preaching to the choir, though she made a valid point).  This was true until I became the nerdy little President of the high school club Junior Statesmen of America and I become obsessed with Arnold :)

He effectively staged an unprecedented coup of the California governorship (which was awesome, and SO true to our democratic roots!) AND he was in photographs all over the walls of our high school weightroom demonstrating proper form in a Speedo!  How much cooler could this guy get?!

I recall him presenting initiatives to the public to vote on and then even when the voters shot all of them down, he would graciously make a statement to the effect of "Well, I guess it's a good thing I asked!"  I felt that he really respected the democratic process and that he was very mindful of not abusing the power he had been entrusted with by the people.  I respect him a lot!  (And don't you just love him on those Visit California commercials?!)

So when I heard that he and his wife had separated, I was sad (even though she truly is scary looking...a little plastic surgery goes a long way...) And then when the news about his so-called "love child" surfaced I was EXTREMELY disappointed in my homeboy Arnold :(  But I will say this, given the extensive custody work that I have done as a law student, I give props to any man who is current on his child support! haha  But seriously, I am very disheartened.  I guess my mom was right, the people in the media that we idolize often have pretty messed up personal lives and their morality has often been thrown out the window long ago.  I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

Secretly, I'm holding onto the theory that the baby mama was payed to seduce him by political rivals who want to make sure that there is NO way that he would ever be able to run for President ;)

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