Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Down with the Skinnies! (Or rather, "up" if you're talking about BMI...)

Good news for your daughters- according to an article from Reuters, earlier this week, Israel enacted a ban on underweight models from getting modelling contracts, meaning they are required to have a BMI (body mass index) over 18.5.  That's still low, but it is not freakishly low. 

My favorite quote from articles I've been reading regarding modern models is that "they look like dead girls." Haha, so true. 

Not to pick on her, but every time I see Kiera Knightly's sallow face and her ribs popping out everywhere, I cringe.

Likewise, Italy and India enacted similar laws in the wake of the death of 2 Brazilian models from anorexia. (Interesting side note is that a Jerusalem Post article referenced that eating disorders are also on the rise in the Orthodox Jewish Community.) Australia also issued an initiative to try to stop ultra-skinny models, although I believe it is still an optional initiative. 

This is a great start.  Even though it may be apparent to many of us that being grossly underweight is neither healthy, nor overly attractive, it is the unfortunate truth that the women on billboards who are underweight as it is and then photo-shopped down even further present to our young people an illusion as to what our society's standard of beauty is.  At my undergraduate university, eating disorders were rampant.  So many girls felt like if they weren't the thinnest in their apartment, they weren't the prettiest and they wouldn't be the one to get asked out on a date. 

I almost gagged one day when I saw one of my roommates wrapped in a towel walking from the shower to her room, with every bone in her spine protruding 2 inches out. 

I had a roommate have a breakdown when her brother cooked her chicken for dinner that was not cooked in her George Foreman Fat-Reducing Grill.

I knew a girl who wouldn't even emerge from her room, choosing to cry in her bed all day, because she thought she looked too fat.

Also the grad student who admitted that, at one point, she and each one of her roommates were regularly inducing vomiting in their shared bathroom.  Yes, every single girl in the apartment suffered from bulimia. 

And let's not forget the neighbor who was lactose intolerant and would chug milk in order to get diarrhea in an effort to lose a pound or two.

Not joking.  And, sadly, not surprising. And this is just people that I personally know and came into regular contact with!  And that's just the beginning of the list!

Our girls and women are suffering.  We need a greater awareness of what true health is.  Our society has this inappropriate dichotomy where either you are morbidly obese and we accept it because you're a busy, middle or low class, working parent and so we give you a pass on emotional eating (not true.  your kids need you to be healthy and you need to be healthy for YOU!) or we struggle and strain and deprive in order to reach a computer-enhanced, unattainable, ideal 0% body fat, which will never (and should never!) happen.


Self-love and self-care.

Now, watch this movie (cuz I love it) (this is just the trailer):
Supersize Me

and this clip:
Dove Evolution Commercial

The End.

Monday, March 12, 2012

I couldn't resist

I'll make this quick, but I couldn't resist. 

Regarding Miley Cyrus:

"You are all stardust," she wrote [via Twitter], "You couldn't be here if stars hadn't exploded... So forget Jesus. Stars died so you can live."

Personally, I take Miley Cyrus' thoughts on religion about as seriously as I take Tom Cruise's thoughts on the medical profession, Susan Sarandon's so-called expert political opinions, and Kim Kardashian's opinions on the sanctity of marriage.

Attention Celebrities: no one with any sense at all cares what you think.  You probably don't have a degree in anything worthwhile.  You're only famous because of what your face looks like.